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Care and Continuing Healthcare
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OUR RULE BOOK Empty25th February 2012, 16:04 by Kermit

OUR RULE BOOK Empty25th February 2012, 14:12 by Kermit

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Post  Kermit 25th February 2012, 14:12

Our rule book is to be a dignified rule book, with the main rule being that we should all respect each other.

We don't have outrageously uncomfortable rules, but we do ask that anyone who chooses to register and become a member must show respect for other members and their privacy at all times. Many forum members may be vulnerable and we all deserve to be treated wtih kindness.

Any posts that attack other members will be deleted without warning, as will any posts that are far too demanding of a forum that cares about people.

Abusive posts will be deleted, as will be the membership of any forum member who posts in such a fashion. Flaming will not be accepted, so the membership of that flame will also be deleted.

Language is to be polite and respectful at all times. Otherwise posts and the poster will be deleted. Please try to avoid using capital letters, unless necessary - there's no need to shout. The excessive use of exclamation marks is another form of shouting and foot-stamping, so please keep them to an absolute minimum.

We ask that the copyright of others should be respected, so if you are unsure about copyright issues please consider whether you should post or not. if anyone posts anything that is copyrighted material by others, those posts will either be deleted or the original poster will face the consequences, if need be, because we are not in a position to check each and every source. By all means post a link to something you are wanting others to know about, and credit the original source. Please do not ignore the fact that copyright exists. If in doubt - ask.

The forum is here for support, advice and assistance. It is not here to allow unacceptable and unwelcome posts. So keep it gentle and we will have no problems.

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